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Bisexual YouTuber Noah Perrin had everything he could dream of. His channel was thriving, and his ten-year relationship with his boyfriend Hugo was rock solid--or so he believed until Hugo dumped him.  


Completely lost, Noah watched as his life began to fall apart--until one phone call to his best friend and ex-lover Adrien Dupuis changed everything. 

Would Noah expose himself to more pain by moving in with Adrien—a man he’d always desired but could never have—a man already tied to somebody else?


Noah would have never guessed he'd find support in a woman from Adrien's 

entourage—a woman who makes him an offer he cannot refuse—a chance to finally be himself, to finally be happy. 


Was this offer the opportunity he'd always dreamed of or was it just another dream meant to fail and break his heart?


REBOUND is a Polyamorous Bisexual Romance set entirely in France. It contains MM and MF scenes, heavy on MF and heavy on erotic scenes. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story. However, for a better experience, it is best read after RETURN.








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